Teenage Pregnancy

How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Posted on: October 14, 2008

Teen mothers are globally one of the biggest problems in our society. Teenage pregnancy and birth rates with teens are too high. Some of the Organizational program for teen mothers is focusing toward on how to prevent this kind of issue among teenagers. Teenage Pregnancy program is focus primarily on women who are at mostly risk. Many programs in our society associated with teen pregnancy are also increasing and debating on how to prevent this kind of issue. Sex Education is one key factor that are studying whether to teach it or not. Some country debates whether they are going to teach sex education at early age, since there are many countries that are conservative in nature. Like in the Philippines, the government is now in the process of studying whether to teach sexual education in junior and senior high school.

However majority in Americans want their student to have sexuality education, to have information on how to protect them from unplanned pregnancy. Sexual Education information includes abstinence and contraception. Many students will be aware of using different contraception. Providing contraception information may reduce unintended pregnancy.

Youth Development is one key factor to reduce teenage pregnancy, support for student to finish their school and to have future plans can reduce sexual risk behaviors. Youth development can provide building on young capabilities by giving and cultivating their talents, to produce high self esteem and self-worth.

Teenage pregnancy is now increasing, better teaching and better culture is the only way to protect from this kind of issue.

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Proper knowledge about contraception can reduce the rate of teen pregnancy.Parent should talk to their children and gave them the proper knowledge this topic.

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