Teenage Pregnancy

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It is difficult to become pregnant when your young. Some teenagers get psychological problem with this kind of situation.

New teenage mothers include feelings of depression, emotional liability, self-esteem issues, body image issues and personal feelings regarding control and anxiety disorder. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for a mother. But for some teenage mothers, they felt that it was a worst experience. Emotional feeling and hormones level during pregnancy are fluctuating and this can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, and confusion.

Teenagers who experiences anxiety, depression and other disorder needs medications and treatment. There are many cheap drugs online that appears inside and out but there are alternative methods to improve psychological impact of pregnancy among teenagers.

How to deal with psychological Emotions

There are many things to improve the emotional and psychologial impact of pregnancy during young age.

1. Get support from parents. Some teenagers are afraid to talk about this kind of situation with their parents. It is important to know that parents are the persons who can understand what you are going through now. Yes, we admit that they can be angry in a first place when they found out that you are pregnant but sooner or later they will realize that there’s nothing to do but to accept it and give support to you.

2. Guidance and counseling. If you can’t seek for a person who can advice you what you are going to do, go with some legal counseling. Make a consultation from different counseling program.

teenage pregnancy

teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is largely increasing. Mostly some teenagers get pregnant for a variety of reasons. Other teenagers become pregnant after they hooked up with their partners, because of aggressiveness and curiosity of having sex. These teenagers who get pregnant are caused by the lack of knowledge about sex. Since most teenagers are not aware about the consequences of having pregnant early, effect on this problem with them are seriously important. Having a child and preparing to be a mother is not easy. A question for young teenagers on how to cope their child might affect their behaviors. Become a mother with a young mind is not easy. Dealing with unplanned pregnancy among teenagers is confusing and scary. Depression, frustration, fear, and other emotional problem are some of the emotions that may experienced when they are facing unplanned pregnancy. One the emotional effect that might occur among teenagers who get pregnant early is depression, to decide whether to keep or not to keep the baby is a hard decision among young teenagers, since they don’t know how to handle this kind of situation. In relation with this kind of behavior, a variety of activities might occur like drinking alcohol beverages, smoking, using marijuana, lack of sleep and unhealthy eating patterns.

Also because of frustration, usually some teenage parents dropped out of school and never return. Based from the article of selfhelpmagazine.com, 80% of young teenage mothers are out of school. These only show that teenage pregnancy is really a serious problem that shouldn’t be ignored.