Teenage Pregnancy

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In the United State, the rate of teenage pregnancies has been declined but it was still among the highest in the world. To prevent this kind of problem is an important public health issue. There are 750,000 women aged of 15-19 become pregnant each year. It was said that third of women teenage pregnancy had abortion, which is also one of the serious problem in our society. Many teenagers confused to know the responsibility of being parent that’s why some of them think wrong and end up with abortion. a

Sexually Transmitted Disease is also another implication that was related to teenage pregnancy. Statistic study that 18.9 million new cases of STD or Sexually transmitted Disease are among teens with aged of 15-24 years old. There are also studies that 30-40% of sexually active teenage girls in high risk groups are infected.

Family Implications is also another problem related to teenage pregnancy. Most young fathers are afraid to handle the responsibility of being a father, that’s why most of them obey all the responsibility with their former partners.

What I mentioned above is only half of most implications that I’ve researched in such different findings.