Teenage Pregnancy

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The symptoms of teenage pregnancy is the same as  the normal pregnancy.  It includes fatigue, nausea vomiting, breast enlargement, missed period, stomach cramping, increased drowsiness.

Some of the teenagers doesn’t know that they are pregnant already. Other’s knew already but because of the fears, they usually keep it with some relative and friends.

Usually gaining weight are associated with pregnancy. Some teenagers get fat while being pregnant but if vomiting are significant, some teenagers could be weight loss. To maintain healthy  feeling, teenagers should consult with gynecologist to know what was the right thing to do while being pregnant. Ultrasound and other maternal check ups should be done regularly. To reduce premature and unhealthy baby.

Some teenager who are experiencing those symptoms are advised to undergo pregnancy test to know if they are already pregnant. An early consultation with the doctor helps teenagers to adjust emotionally and physically from early pregnancy. Stress, anxiety and depression are some of the emotional effect that teenagers may experience if she was suspected as pregnant. Pregnancy at a very young age leads to severe mental and emotional trauma for her. And  Consultation is the best way to help teenagers to overcome fear and other emotional feelings.